Economic Development

  • City Council President Susan Dabaja worked to eliminate paid parking meters and structures in the west downtown district. Susan’s efforts to remove paid parking served as a catalyst for robust economic development in a vacancy-laden district and encouraged more patronage of local businesses.
  • During her time on council, Susan enabled the development and supported the building of the John D. Dingell Transit Center to promote regional transit connectivity and serve as a stimulus for economic growth for Dearborn.
  • Susan supported the development of Ford Land’s Wagner Place which has brought in new businesses and revitalized downtown West Dearborn, attracting more economic activity and creating more opportunities for unique office and retail expansion.
  • During her tenure on council, Susan established the Warren Avenue and Dix Corridors Authorities to address the needs of business owners and reinvest local tax dollars to strengthen these commercial districts and attract a new business and customer base.


  • Under Susan’s tenure as City Council President, Dearborn residents saw little to no increase to the city’s operating millage rate.
  • Organized and facilitated town halls between residents, homeowners, business owners, and community stakeholders regarding property taxes and assessments.
  • Continuously held administration and departments accountable, calling for changes to department policies that would increase efficiency, transparency and ease of use for our customers.
  • As Chair of the Local Community Stabilization Authority (LCSA), Susan works with her Authority colleagues to ensure that Dearborn receives millions of state dollars to offset the loss of personal property taxes.

Public Health & Environment

  • As Council President, Susan Dabaja advocated for the implementation and approval of new sanitation services including weekly recycling pickup, improved bulk-item pickup, and a dedicated customer service line for Dearborn residents.
  • Approved and established a Local Water System Advisory Council to coordinate public awareness campaigns on lead contamination and coordinated with state officials to establish water quality and safety standards.
  • Championed the passage of the first-of-its-kind environmental ordinance to combat fugitive dust and improve air quality in the Southend of Dearborn.
  • Helped pass an ordinance aimed at targeting tobacco use among children and teens that restricts the purchase, possession, and use of tobacco products by minors under the age of 18. The ordinance makes selling, giving, or furnishing a tobacco, vapor, or alternative nicotine product to a minor a misdemeanor.


  • During her tenure, Council President Susan Dabaja supported the addition of critical classroom and training equipment for the Dearborn Police Department that equips instructors with the resources necessary to provide quality and effective training for future officers.
  • Approved funding for our Dearborn police officers to have body cameras and additional safety equipment, allowing for increased accountability and protection.
  • Worked to establish a Nuisance Abatement Board (NAB) to improve the wellbeing and safety of our neighborhoods and business districts by targeting any unlawful and illegal activity. This board has successfully addressed major problems with local motels, nightclubs, and bars that were disrupting the peace and safety of Dearborn residents.
  • Worked with city personnel and DTE to secure upgrades for older street lights in our city to improve the reliability and efficiency of street lighting. With Susan’s support, the city was able to upgrade over 200 streetlights to LED’s and save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for the city.
  • Responding to safety concerns from Dearborn residents, Susan advocated on Council to appropriate funds to install Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons and other traffic control measures to improve public safety at uncontrolled, marked crosswalks. These devices were installed on Schaefer Road at Prospect Street in front of the Masjid Al-Salaam mosque and Community Center, Chase Road at Alber Street in front of William Ford Elementary School and the mid-block of Chase Road between Donald Street and Hemlock Avenue, in front of the American Moslem Bekaa Center.


  • Council President Susan Dabaja worked to establish new bike lanes throughout West Dearborn to expand Dearborn’s Central Greenway Loop. New Bike lanes have increased mobility and connectivity throughout the city, allowing walkers and bicyclists to travel safely, thereby encouraging healthy lifestyles.
  • Helped pass an ordinance change that requires drivers to give at least five feet of space when passing the road, creating a more bike friendly environment and safe riding experience for Dearborn’s growing cycling community.
  • Consistently supported expanding and developing new walking trails and pathways to increase connectivity between the gateway trails and other attractions.
  • Susan worked to launch a new bike-share program with Zagster that provides all Dearborn residents and visitors a convenient, affordable, healthy, and green way to get around town. The program has been a successful partnership between the City of Dearborn, Dearborn Schools, and Beaumont Health, to promote healthy and active living for Dearborn residents. Over 50 cruiser bikes were made available at 10 stations throughout East and West Dearborn.
  • Worked on the development and approval of a multi-modal transportation plan that is committed to increasing connectivity throughout the city. This plan has already begun and is working to support walking and bicycling transit, promote beautiful streets that attract people and business, and designing safe, comfortable, and efficient streetscapes that allow for increased mobility


  • Council President Susan Dabaja worked to establish a one of a kind 2.3 acre dog park that is open all year round for Dearborn residents equipped with benches, dog waste bags, disposal stations, water access, and unique dog agility equipment.


  • Council President Susan Dabaja voted to secure critical funding to update outdated, and energy inefficient theater equipment for the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center, saving the city money and making it more energy efficient.
  • The addition of four new pickleball courts at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center, available for all residents to enjoy.
  • The creation of a Dearborn Veterans Park and War Memorial outside of the Henry Ford Centennial Library to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and to acknowledge the dedication of all those who have served.
  • The rebuilding and intensive reconstruction of a new bathhouse at Dunworth pool along with new improvements to pool amenities and equipment.
  • Worked to establish Graham Park, a new pocket park in a Dearborn east end neighborhood that desperately needed one that includes a miniature soccer field, ADA- compliant play areas and ADA accessible benches and picnic tables.
  • The construction of splash pads at Hemlock, Crowley, and Whitmore-Bolles Park that Dearborn residents may enjoy free of charge.
  • The repavement and structural upgrades of the Ford Woods and Ford Field Tennis courts.
  • The opening of a newly built 25,000 square foot Ford Woods pool complex with modern and family friendly amenities such as a dual slide, water sprayers, and extensive bath house.
  • Supported modernization efforts at Camp Dearborn that include resort cabins, zip lines, natural camping sites, and infrastructure upgrades, making the camp financially self-sufficient and saving the city money.

Neighborhood Services

  • Council President Susan Dabaja, advocated for new upgrades and extensive renovations to the Henry Ford Centennial Library that improved the energy efficiency of the library, and modernized the amenities to better serve Dearborn residents
  • The installation and servicing of new remote library lockers at Salina Intermediate School so residents and students of the south-end can obtain and reserve library materials.
  • The implementation and approval of new sanitation services including weekly recycling pickup, improved bulk-item pickup, and a dedicated customer service line for Dearborn residents.
  • Supported the installation of safety and water overflow measures to Dearborn's sewage systems to protect Dearborn homeowners against the risk of future basement and home flooding.
  • Worked and advocated on behalf of Dearborn residents to obtain emergency funding in the wake of the historical Dearborn floods in 2014.
  • Susan supported funding and efforts to establish a one of a kind, extensive, courtesy rodent control program to combat the rat population in Dearborn.
  • Supported the expansion of the Dearborn Senior Transportation Program making public transportation more affordable and available for senior citizens and the disabled community for little to no cost


  • Council President Susan Dabaja worked to support local business owners in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Susan worked to provide funds for the Dearborn Small Business Relief Grant Program that awarded up to $5,000 to about 100 businesses.
  • Supported efforts to establish an Eviction Prevention Support program that offered over $900,000 in funding to help people pay for rent, mortgage, utilities, and home insurance.
  • In response to the indoor dining restrictions, Susan worked to appropriate funding for the procurements of tents, igloos, heating, lighting, and other equipment to directly support restaurants. In addition, on council, Susan worked to approve various ordinances to make parking lots space available for outdoor service areas, removing red tape for businesses to adapt to coronavirus guidelines.
  • Secured 500 COVID-19 vaccines for the senior citizen community with the help of the Detroit Metro Center.
  • Worked to allocate funding towards contracting of healthcare providers to assist firefighters in the Dearborn Vaccination Clinic.
  • Took initiative and started Bi-Weekly forums for our viewers and residents to provide pertinent information from the city’s perspective as well as our partners’ related to the COVID 19 pandemic, emergency funding, business assistance, and the federal response.
  • Worked with local restaurants and businesses to donate food to our first responders who are serving on the frontlines of the COVID 19-response and vaccine center.
  • Worked with the Dearborn Fire Department and allocated funds to establish the Dearborn Vaccination Center, which has been a model for many communities throughout the state.
  • Worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as gloves, masks, and oxygen tanks, to support local residents, hospitals, clinics, and businesses in needs.